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Multifunctional Fruit Cutter and Digger

Multifunctional Fruit Cutter and Digger

Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, beautiful and practical

 The fruit accessories kitchen is a multifunctional fruit cutter with the following functions: 1. It is made of high-quality PP material, safe and environmentally friendly. 2. Digger: press the digger into the flesh and rotate it 360°to excavate the flesh. 3. It is easy to remove the peel and perfectly fit the pulp to cut without waste. 4.User-friendly design, comfortable to hold, easy to use.

Product Details

The front end scraping mouth is convenient for peeling, saving effort and not hurting the hand.

The curved shape facilitates quick peeling. Clean and hygienic.

It uses environmentally friendly PP material, antibacterial, mildewproof, easy to clean, convenient and fast.
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