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ISUN Kitchen Products

  • SS Food TongsSS Food Tongs2018/04/11The heart of the locking system for the tongs is still the pull mechanism, which is the most important part and function for the tongs.
  • 2pcs SS Slotted Tongs Set2pcs SS Slotted Tongs Set2018/04/11Tongs are one of the most useful tools in the kitchen. They are essential for picking heavy or light foods without getting your hands dirty or burnt. Tongs are more precise and versatile than your kitchen spatula.
  • Cheese ShakerCheese Shaker2018/04/11This is a Glass cheese shaker jar, a tool which used to store the cheese, pepper, herbs, or kinds of spices. It's a useful tool in the kitchen and always was displayed on the wire rack to make it easy to pick for cooking.
  • Cookie CutterCookie Cutter2018/04/11These small PP plastic cookie cutters are for kids to make Halloween and holiday theme cookie and use the cookie cutters to cut out pieces and create textured decorations or for direct embossing.
  • Dough CutterDough Cutter2018/04/11This item is perfect. Simple and functional. No frills needed. Cuts dough perfectly. Scrapes the dough perfectly. Does exactly what it was designed to do. And a perfect price and good quality too!
  • Kitchen Scoop Colander&StrainerKitchen Scoop Colander&Strainer2018/04/11t's Shaped to allow liquid to drain away while keeping food in place. Great for pasta, vegetables, poached eggs and more.
  • Potato Ricer MasherPotato Ricer Masher2018/04/11This food grade potato ricer/masher is made perfect for the pro or home kitchen! Your family will love the classic dishes you'll make with this device.
  • SS Wire StrainerSS Wire Strainer2018/04/11The Spider Strainer is crafted from hand knitting stainless steel wire, professional handmade skill, and high-quality material to create this special kitchen tools.
  • Steamer BasketSteamer Basket2018/02/27Make Healthy, Simple Fat-Free Cooking with this Vegetable Steamer Basket! Now you can get all the nutrients and minerals that are lost by other cooking methods by this easy to use 100% stainless steel vegetable steamer.
  • Adjustable Plastic Measuring SpoonAdjustable Plastic Measuring Spoon2018/02/27And the Adjustable measuring tablespoon and teaspoon set are made of durable ABS material, that is BPA free and FDA approval. It's dishwasher safe and easy clean after use.
  • Set of 8 Plastic Measuring Cup SpoonSet of 8 Plastic Measuring Cup Spoon2018/04/11The measuring cups & spoons are perfect for measuring dry ingredients or liquids. Plastic measuring cup/spoons set can be handled hot or cold liquids.
  • SS Measuring CupSS Measuring Cup2018/04/11All 4 measuring utensils are permanently engraved with precise US measurements... along with liquid equivalents & metric conversions (milliliters)