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Citrus Reamer

Multi Citrus Juicer / Orange, Lemon & Lime Juice Squeezer

Material: PP plastic juicer with PS plastic cup
Size: 10* 8.8 *9.7cm
Color: Any color of the lid is workable, and the clear cup body
Pack: color box or customer design
Shipment: Sea ship or Airships

Citrus Reamer Product Features:

  • SPACE SAVING – Juicer designed with "Flip-Top" reamer and strainer for convenient and space-saving storage. Perfect for kitchenettes and camping adventures
  • RIDGE REAMER / SPOUTS /– the ridge reamer designed to extract maximum juice from every lemon, lim, and orange; the spouts for pouring pure strained juice or juice with pulp;
  • DURABLE & LIGHT IN HAND – Constructed of strong and durable PS plastic and is BPA-Free; Comfortable and light in hand for easy control during juicing; Designed for Left-Handed and Right-Handed users;
  • DISHWASHER-FRIENDLY – Juicer can be placed on Dishwasher top rack for easy and hassle-free cleaning

Citrus Reamer Product Description:

A citrus Juicer (also known as a lemon reamer or simply a reamer) is a small kitchen utensil used to extract the juice from a lemon or other small citrus fruit.
It consists two parts, one is a convexly tapered conical top blade with strainer, with deep straight troughs running the length of the blade. The very tip of the blade is often a smooth spike. The other part is a cylindrical cup. The blade is usually made of colorful plastic, wood, or metal. The handheld reamer, which is held in one hand while the lemon or lime is held in the other, is a relatively new adaptation of the traditional glass or plastic citrus reamer (with a juice rim) that was placed on a table and pressed downward.

To use a Citrus Juicer, the user first slices a chosen fruit in half with a knife along its equatorial midsection. Grasping the fruit in one hand on the top of the reamer, the user first pierces the exposed flesh of the fruit with the tip of the reamer blade, then grinds out the inside with a twisting wrist motion until nearly all of the juice is extracted. This dislodges the seeds and some amount of pith, so the juice must generally be strained by the strainer. It works well with limes and lemons, but larger citrus fruits (grapefruit in particular) require a larger device.
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