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A corkscrew is a tool to pull the corks from wine bottles, beer bottles, and other household bottles. In its traditional form, a corkscrew simply consists of a pointed metallic helix(often called the "worm") attached to a handle, which the user screws into the cork and pulls to extract it. Corkscrews are necessary because corks themselves which are small and smooth, are difficult to grip and remove, particularly when inserted fully into an inflexible wine bottle. More recent styles of corkscrew incorporate various systems of levers that further increase the amount of force that can be applied outwards on the cork, which can make easier the extraction of difficult corks.

The Corkscrew included many kinds of different style and functions, such as Winged Waiter's Corkscrew, Sommelier Knife Corkscrew with bottle opener, Lever Corkscrew etc.

A wing Waiter's corkscrew sometimes was called a butterfly corkscrew or angel corkscrew, has two levers, one on either side of the worm. As the worm is twisted into the cork, the levers are raised. Pushing down the levers draws the cork from the bottle in one smooth motion. The most common design has a rack and pinion connecting the levers to the body. The head of the central shaft is frequently modified to form a bottle opener, increasing the utility of the tool. The Wing Waiter's Corkscrews are particularly popular in home use.

A Sommelier knife is a waiter's corkscrew in a folding body similar to a pocket knife. An arm extends to brace against the lip of the bottle for leverage when removing the cork. Some sommelier knives have two steps on the lever, and often also has a bottle opener. A small hinged knife blade is housed in the handle end to be used in cutting the foil wrapping the neck of wine bottles. A corkscrew of this type can be used more quickly than a wing-type corkscrew. And this type corkscrew is multi-function and easier and more convenient to bring for outdoor activities too.

The lever or "rabbit" corkscrew is operated using a pair of handles which are used to grip the neck of the bottle, and a lever which is simply pressed down to twist the screw into the cork then lifted to extract the cork. We also had many kinds of lever corkscrew and will explore soon.
  • Sommelier Knife- Waiter's CorkscrewSommelier Knife- Waiter's Corkscrew2018/02/27Let's Calling all wine lovers to pay high attention to this type multi-function Sommelier knife Waiter's Corkscrew and Bottle Opener!
  • Wing CorkscrewWing Corkscrew2018/02/27Do you enjoy a bottle of chardonnay or merlot, but have a hard time opening the cork? Then don't worry, we have designed a luxury, heavy duty, industrial grade winged cork puller to make this task simple and easy.