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Cooking Tools

Cooking Tools

A cooking tool is a special kind of kitchen tool, designed for food cooking functions or cooking preparation functions. The Cooking tools are designed to enrich the cooking style and also save the cooking time in Kitchen, and it also stands for the progress of the modern lifetime. Our Cooking tools consist many type products, such as the handled strainer, Steamer Basket, Dough Cutter, egg cutter, Cookie cutter and so on.  The cooking tools are important tools used in Kitchen. People like to use types of tools to cook delicious food or try some new type food cooking.

All the cooking tools are made of high-quality material which meets FDA standard. And those tools are produced under strict production control and management ensuring the product quality guaranteed. All the cooking tool can be sold by a single item, or customer can select a kit set which is workable too.

The package for our professional cooking tools will keep the same as all kitchen tools. We generally will pack every single item with hang tag, or tied card Until customer had a special request, we will follow customer design accordingly if requested. And all the package material are from China too, and the material is meet the safe shipment standard. We will make a special arrangement if the customer had special package and shipment request, this can be discussed.

Final shipment will depend on customer request too. Usually, we will arrange sea ship under FOB terms. Special shipment request needs to be discussed when quoted.

Isun Kitchen & Homegoods are the professional company which concentrated on the kitchen and home products development and production. We had many sub-contractor to study and develop a new product with us yearly. Our Belief is "Quality First, Customer First, and Service Best". We believe that our effort will not waste and we will keep the continuously develop on kitchen home products to meet the global customer needs. We will guarantee that all the material used in our products are food-safe and meet the international export standard, and we have the confidence to expand the world kitchen market together with our global customers.
  • Cheese ShakerCheese Shaker2018/04/11This is a Glass cheese shaker jar, a tool which used to store the cheese, pepper, herbs, or kinds of spices. It's a useful tool in the kitchen and always was displayed on the wire rack to make it easy to pick for cooking.
  • Cookie CutterCookie Cutter2018/04/11These small PP plastic cookie cutters are for kids to make Halloween and holiday theme cookie and use the cookie cutters to cut out pieces and create textured decorations or for direct embossing.
  • Dough CutterDough Cutter2018/04/11This item is perfect. Simple and functional. No frills needed. Cuts dough perfectly. Scrapes the dough perfectly. Does exactly what it was designed to do. And a perfect price and good quality too!
  • Kitchen Scoop Colander&StrainerKitchen Scoop Colander&Strainer2018/04/11t's Shaped to allow liquid to drain away while keeping food in place. Great for pasta, vegetables, poached eggs and more.
  • Potato Ricer MasherPotato Ricer Masher2018/04/11This food grade potato ricer/masher is made perfect for the pro or home kitchen! Your family will love the classic dishes you'll make with this device.
  • SS Wire StrainerSS Wire Strainer2018/04/11The Spider Strainer is crafted from hand knitting stainless steel wire, professional handmade skill, and high-quality material to create this special kitchen tools.