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Frozen Tools

Frozen Tools

The kitchen frozen tools are the kitchen utensils or devices which used to make water or any liquid cool, frozen to ice cubes or ice balls. It consists many types of tools, such as differently shaped ice trays, ice makers, pop molds, sphere molds, metal cubes etc. Many of the kitchen frozen tools are made of silicone, plastic or Stainless Steel. All of the material is FDA approved, which is food safe for daily kitchen use.

The ice tray molds and cool shaped ice cube trays are essential tools for every kitchen. Ice cube trays are designed to be filled with water, then placed in a freezer until the water freezes into ice, producing ice cubes.

Ice trays are often flexible, so the frozen cubes can be easily removed by flexing the tray. "Twist ice trays" have a simple spring-loaded mechanism with a lever that is used to turn the tray upside down and flex at the same time, such that the cubes that drop are collected in a removable tray below. The spring returns the ice cube tray to its upright position without having to remove it from the freezer, which can save time and reduces accidental mess—though the tray has to be removed to be collected, and the ice cube tray still has to be removed to be refilled. An alternative system is an aluminum tray with a lever that raises the ice cubes, freeing them from the tray. A motorized version of this is found in most automatic ice-making freezers.

While the usual shape of the ice cube is roughly cubical, there are trays that dispense hemispherical or cylindrical blocks. Some novelty trays produce blocks of ice in seasonal, festive or other shapes. There is also the possibility to freeze different edible items inside the ice cubes, both at home and commercial production.

And the metal cubes are designed to place the cubes into the freezer until the cubes cool enough, and then put the metal cubes directly into the water drinks or whiskey, which the liquid will not be attenuated, that's the amazing feature of the metals cubes.
  • Perfect Cube Ice TrayPerfect Cube Ice Tray2018/02/27The silicone Ice cube trays are often flexible, so the frozen cubes can be easily removed by flexing the tray. And it's also easy to clean up due to dishwasher safe.
  • Heart Ice TrayHeart Ice Tray2018/02/27The heart-shaped ice trays is really a sweet surprise for your holiday party, special for girls and kids. It's fun for the kids and a fancy topic for adult conversation! Easy, fun and unique!
  • Metal Ice CubeMetal Ice Cube2018/02/27The high polished metal surface causes the stones are easily cleaned. And the qualified Stainless Steel material makes the stones reusable and durable.