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Ice Cream Scoop

ISUN Right Scoop(2 styles) – All Metal Ice Cream Scoop

Material: Zinc Alloy + soft-grip handle
Finish: Mirror for #ICS02 & Satin finish for # ICS01
Size/Appx: 7 inches
Pack: Hangtag or customer design
Shipment: Sea ship

Ice Cream Scoop Product Features & Description:

  • THE LAST ICE CREAM SCOOP YOU'LL NEED - Genuine heavy duty tool that is strong and sturdy with no mechanical gimmicks or moving parts that can break. Plus its Dishwasher Safe. Great for other creative kitchen uses as well including using it to scoop out seeds from melons or filling peppers with stuffing. Works amazingly well for gelato and custard too and is guaranteed by the great quality!
  • CREATE PERFECT SPHERES OF ICE CREAM - cuts through smoothly and effortlessly so that ice cream curls onto itself, making beautiful and well-proportioned scoops for cones, brownies, sundaes, pies and more.
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN SAVES YOU TIME AND ENERGY - Unique shape that is the best combination of a scoop and spade to help you easily tackle rock hard frozen desserts. Curved area of scoop makes brilliant curls while the thin edges help dig out ice cream from the corners of the container so you can enjoy every last tasty bite. The handle even has a notch to lift container lids which will keep your hands happy.
  • PLOWS THROUGH ICE CREAM LIKE IT'S BUTTER - Glides smoothly and easily through hard-packed frozen sweets. It will seem like ice cream flows right into the ice cream scoops and drops into your bowl or cone with little to no effort.
  • LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO STRUGGLE WITH A BAD SCOOP - With its pleasant weight, ability to get into hard-to-reach parts of a carton and excellent handling of hard ice cream - this is the one for you. The handle is comfortable to hold, easy to grip. Simple yet ergonomic design that is easy to clean without smudge insert due to whole piece design and will make you known for your perfect scooping abilities.

These ice cream scoops are so amazing to make your ice cream ball! Are you still waiting? NO, come on and get it back to your home to make your funny ice cream ball immediately!
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