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Kitchen Tools

Kitchen Tools

Kitchen prep tools are hand-held, typically small tool that is designed for food-related functions and used in Kitchen for cooking food. And kitchen tool set ranges from food preparation tools to food cooking tools, and cleaning tools after cooking etc. Food preparation tools are a specific type of kitchen tools, designed for use in the preparation of food such as peelers to peel off the skin of vegetables and garlic press to make garlic, handle strainer to clean the grains or hold the pasta. Some utensils are both food preparation utensils and eating utensils; for instance, some implements of cutlery – especially knives – can be used for both food preparation in a kitchen and as eating utensils when dining. And Kitchen food cooking tools are the Utensils which used to cook the food, such as Spatula, Steamer Basket, Potato Press etc. which the tools to make the food cooked to eat. And Kitchen cleaning tools are the tools which used to clean the preparation tools or cooking tools, such as cleaning brush to use to clean the pot, cutting board, knives, peelers, Garlic press etc.

In the Western world, utensil invention accelerated in the 19th and 20th centuries. It was fuelled in part by the emergence of technologies such as the kitchen stove and refrigerator, but also by a desire to save time in the kitchen, in response to the demands of modern lifestyles. It's really the important invent to promote the development of modern society.

We have many kinds of kitchen tools and accessories in various of material, such as Stainless Steel, Silicone, kinds of Plastic, Wood, glass etc. The tools include Kitchen Utensils, Frozen tools, Cooking tools, Gadgets, Fruit tools, Wood tools, Measuring equipment, Cutting Shears and so on. All of the Kitchen tools are made of high-quality material and produced under strict production control to ensure the product quality guaranteed. All of our Kitchen tools are produced in China and ship to all the world.  
  • Meat TenderizerMeat Tenderizer2018/04/11Come On! You'll be surprised at the improvement this simple tool brings to a host of delicious meat dishes.
  • Kiwi ToolKiwi Tool2018/02/27This Kiwi cutter tool was made of great Stainless Steel wire to cut the kiwi core easily, and the mirror finish makes it clean easily as well. This kiwi tool is an essential tool in your kitchen to make great food.
  • Lemon ZesterLemon Zester2018/02/27Do you want to make some lemon swirls in your lemonade and to garnish, or just need some zest from a lemon when cooking a pie? Then, with two uses in one utensil, this little zester tool is the ultimate for working with citrus.
  • Citrus ReamerCitrus Reamer2018/02/27A citrus Juicer (also known as a lemon reamer or simply a reamer) is a small kitchen utensil used to extract the juice from a lemon or other small citrus fruit.
  • Lemon PressLemon Press2018/02/27The Aluminum Lemon Squeezer is also a great gift for every home kitchen. It can extract all the juice without the rind, pulp or seeds - and get every last drop.
  • Stainless Steel PeelerStainless Steel Peeler2018/04/11Are you searching for a peeler that makes your peeling job more convenient? We are excited to share you with our different 5 designs of "vegetable and fruit Peeler".