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Meat Tenderizer

Meat Tenderizer Hammer Double-Sided Meat Mallet Tool

Material: Stainless Steel handle with Zinc Alloy hammer
Finish: Mirror finish hammer and satin handle
Size: 9.6 inches including the hanging hook
Pack: Hangtag or customer design
Shipment: Sea ship

Meat Tenderizer Product Feature and descriptions:

  • AN ESSENTIAL KITCHEN TOOL. All good cooks know a mallet is the best way to soften and tenderize meat, giving tougher meat the texture of succulent and delicious expensive cut
  • ALL STAINLESS STEEL. The stainless steel construction of this mallet gives it just the right weight, and also makes it sanitary, easy to clean and 100% dishwasher safe, unlike wooden mallets.
  • DOUBLE-SIDED HEAD, NOT JUST FOR TENDERIZING. The two different side with different spiked sharp embossing to let you choose the proper level you want to tenderize your meat. It's the great function of this tool.
  • HANDY AND ERGONOMIC DESIGN. This mallet is well balanced for easy pounding, letting the hammer do the work instead of your arm. It also has a loop in the handle for convenient hanging.

A meat tenderizing mallet is something you'll find in any well-equipped kitchen, and experienced cooks know that a stainless steel mallet is a way to go. The stainless steel will never tarnish and is totally dishwasher safe. Compare this to wooden mallets, where the porous surface can harbor bacteria and wash in a dishwasher isn't recommended.

Using a meat tenderizing hammer couldn't be easier. Just take your cut of beef or other meat, pat it dry and lay it on a flat surface. Starting in the middle and working your way out, pound the meat with the spiky face of the hammer. Pound hard enough to leave dents in the meat. This breaks up the grain of the meat and makes it much easier to cut and chew.

There are many other uses for a tenderizing mallet. This is done with recipes for schnitzel, steak cutlets, scallopini, chicken parmesan and others. For flattening and thinning meat, cover or wrap the meat in parchment paper or wax paper and pound outward from the center.

Come On! You'll be surprised at the improvement this simple tool brings to a host of delicious meat dishes.
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