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Solid Serving Spoon

Stainless Steel Slotted/Solid Serving Spoon - Perfect To Scoop, Drain, Skim, Transfer or Serve Boiled and Fried Foods

Material: 18/8 Stainless Steel
Finish: Mirror finish
Size: 14 inches
Pack: hang tag or color box
Shipment: Sea ship or airship

Solid Serving Spoon Product Features and descriptions:

  • The slotted/solid spoon is one of the most versatile utensils used in cooking. This stainless steel serving spoon assists in both cooking and serving larger foods. Use it for meats like pulled pork or ground beef when they need to be drained. It also makes an ideal pasta server because it scoops the noodles out from the pot and lets any water drain away. Any food that needs lifting out of a pot or pan will benefit from a slotted spoon.
  • Eggs are a delicate food. With the wrong tool, a poached or hard-boiled egg may break leaving yokes or eggshells where they shouldn't be. This solid spoon has smooth edges making it perfect to scoop all manner of eggs from a vessel without damaging them. Turn several into serving spoons for the next event or family dinner. Vegetables and potatoes fit onto the spoon's surface making serving multiple people simply. The spoon's steel body will endure heavy usage with little sign of wear.
  • Meat, poultry, and fish taste great. But they can easily dry out during the cooking process. Using a basting spoon like this one keeps every main dish that requires basting moist and tender. Unlike proteins, fried foods tend to become too moist thanks to excess oil. Lift foods out of the fryer with a spoon and shake off the extra. The slots drain the oil away leaving much more favorable food behind. Pair slotted spoons with one that has holes for a complete serving spoon set.
  • SLOTTED SPOON is ideal for stirring and draining food cooking in boiling water. BASTING SPOON should be able to handle a number of kitchen tasks, not just basting
  • SERVING SPOON has a large scoop so that it is easy to fish out vegetables and pasta SERVING SPOON SET adds stunning design to your kitchen with this elegant and high-quality design SERVING SPOONS made from stainless steel for safely leaning utensils on hot cookware.
  • Plus, the solid spoon has a wide extra edge which can assist to scoop food from the pot easily without damaging the food shape or feeling.
  • The Unique stamped groove handle is long and prevents your hand to touch the hot water or oil when cooking food by the spoon. It’s also comfortable to gripe without any fatigue in use.

This 2-pc Cooking serving utensils are important and useful tools to rich your kitchen life, and it will bring more fun as well. So, will you not bring them back to your kitchen?
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