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Wine Accessories

Wine Accessories

Wine drinking accessories are generally any equipment that may be used in the storing or serving of wine. Wine accessories include many items such as Wine set including cocktail shaker, cocktail Spiral spoon, Cocktail wine Strainer, cocktail Jigger and ice tongs, as well as many kinds of corkscrews, and wine pourer with stopper, wine bottle openers etc. The wine corkscrews are the wine equipment which is used to open wine bottles that are stopped with a cork, the same functions as Wine bottle openers. They are slowly being supplanted by the screwcap closure. There are many different inceptions of the wine bottle opener ranging from the simple corkscrew, the screw-pull lever, to complicated carbon dioxide driven openers.

Our wine kitchen accessories are produce in China, and then was delivered to all over the world. The wine accessory was made by qualified raw material, strict workmanship standard by advanced machine and experienced workers. All the raw materials were inspected strictly when coming in factory, and the manufacture process was monitored and controlled strictly by factory, and the produced goods was inspected internally first before final inspection by customers, and only qualified goods will be shipped to customer, which ensure the products quality and our company and factory reputation guaranteed.

Our wine gadgets accessories can be sold by a single item or by kit set, which depends on customer requirement. And the packaged will be depended on customer's needs too. Generally, the single item will be packed by a tie-card or hang card except for the cocktail shaker which we normally pack by a gift box. We can provide the die-line for the packing for each wine accessory, which customer can put the image to the die-line and send the final artwork to us, hence we can provide the print proofs of packing for approval before mass printing. Meanwhile, customers can select the kit set for each wine accessory too, the same packing process as single wine accessory except special packing requirement which we can discuss before decision-made.

We, Isun Kitchen & Hoemgoods are pleased to cooperate with global customers, and welcome to enquire your interested wine accessory, our good price and quality, efficient feedback and service, good quality and management will not let you down. We are here to wait for you! 
  • Cocktail ShakerCocktail Shaker2018/02/27A cocktail shaker is a device used to mix beverages by shaking. When ice is put in the shaker this allows for a quicker cooling of the drink before serving.
  • Cocktail SpoonCocktail Spoon2018/02/27Long length for use in taller pitchers, carafes, glass, and cocktails; Longer is Better. 12" handle allows for smoother, quicker stirring: better leverage helps save time while chilling drinks faster.
  • Wine StrainerWine Strainer2018/02/27This product was Designed for bartenders and serious cocktail enthusiasts. This cocktail strainer was designed to be the most comfortable, durable and beautiful strainer available on the market.
  • Ice TongsIce Tongs2018/02/27The ice tongs are the most useful tool in mini bar, home kitchen, buffet, parties etc. It's made of high quality 18/8 material and rust resistant which can keep years of using.
  • SS Measuring JiggerSS Measuring Jigger2018/02/27Mid-century inspired design, with modern commercial practicality. Built with pure 304 Stainless Steel for ultimate durability, the double-sided measuring Jigger becomes a necessity for working bartenders.
  • Wine Pourer with StopperWine Pourer with Stopper2018/02/27The stainless steel wine pourers have a tapered shape with a silicone base, which makes it easy to attach to a variety of liquor and wine bottle openings. It's for drip-free pouring and preservation of your favorite non-sparkling wines and liquors.